The Fuck You Wearing? For 4/4/14

I really think that everyone has their own style for the most part, and even if something isn’t what I prefer, if they can pull it off then kudos. But at least once a week I’ll catch myself shaking my head at celebrities or fellow sneakerheads for their outfits. You have to take risks to be stylish and stand out, and sometimes those risks turn into Ls. And sometimes those Ls end up on this site. Hell, I know I’ve taken a few myself. All in good fun though. Here we go:

50cent WTF

CUURRRRRRTTTTTTIIIISSSSSS!!! Where’s Ed Lover when you need him. Fiddy is living a baller ass lifestyle, and his business moves and jewelry certainly reflect that. But his wardrobe though? Basura. An all metal toned shoe gets plus points from me. They’re not for everyone but I like the idea surprisingly.

Going matchy matchy with the gold tones shoulda died before it even started. Nothing bad to say about the Knicks fitted, even though I prefer original colors, but what’s with that jacket? Shit looks like a Goldschlager bottle had a threesome Illmatic album cover and a vintage Versace shirt and this was the lovechild. Weird. The tucking the shirt behind the Gucci belt shoulda been nixed along with your last 3 albums as well my dude.

For all the money Fiddy makes, he could have at least rocked respectable denim. These True Religion specials look like work pants that even my fam who work construction and painting gigs would be like “nah, toss them shits.” On the plus side, at least the contrast stitching isn’t mad annoying. The stacking at the bottom is pretty suspect though. Get a taper and a proper hem.

A solid alternative? Boughie ass track jacket, some proper fitting tapered denim and an original colorway New Era fitted. None of this American Needle bullshit. With that said, you hiring 50?


Bucket Season!

Bob Denver on "Gilligan's Island."

Alright, my lady is going to hate this post but fuckit. Bucket season is upon us, and it’s not even spring yet. But as soon as the temps hit 80+, I started checking for hats to fit my bigass noggin. It was a difficult task. A lot of streetwear brands like Obey and Stussy don’t make shit for people with larger than size 7 3/4 heads, so they were out of the question. After a long and arduous search, I found a few joints that I really liked.

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Boonie, Bell, or Bucket?

A quick primer on the three most popular types of full brimmed hats for warm weather that almost always get generalized as bucket hats. Check it out:


Rothco Boonie

Rothco Boonie: Boonies usually come with a nylon strap around the crown to hold an assortment of gear from fishing to extra paracord for the military types. The other distinguising characteristic is that they tend to fit more shallow on the head, and deeper towards the rear. Most boonies also come with a neck strap as opposed to buckets or bell hats.


HUF Bucket

HUF Bucket: Buckets pretty much have the least distinguishable characteristics. Because they look like upside down buckets. The top of the crown is level and tends to sit deeper on the head than boonies. The brim is also usually 2-3″.


Undftd Bell

Undftd Bell: The crown of bell hats are separated into panels and more often than not have vent holes similar to fitteds. The panels are met at the very top of the hat with a button, giving the entire hat a hybrid appearance, kind of like a cross between a New Era fitted cap and a bucket hat. In my experience these fit deepest on the head.


That about sums it up for my fellow shoppers. Go forth and flourish.



Wu-Tang Style


Back in the late 90s, I proudly owned a good amount of Wu Wear garments. So when Wutang Brand Limited made a comeback, I was super geeked. Even more so when the Wutang Brand Limited x HUF jersey dropped. I copped immediately, and while checking out wedding locations in the area, my lady snapped some quick pics of me. I wanted to stay true to the theme of the group, so a military boonie hat, camo shorts, and Wallabees were all necessary.

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Cop The Look: Balmain Biker Pants

Balmain Biker Pants

For those out of the men’s style loop, Balmain jeans and pants have been on the super come up. The accents on the knees are dope and the look is pretty much hard wear motorcycle gear meets designer streewear. Except no one I know (even with a gang of money) wants to drop $1,200 on the shit you see above. Even if I had that Zuckerberg money I wouldn’t cop. Because of the price and also because they fit like two sizes small. Let’s keep it real while we’re at it: no one is rocking these to protect themselves while riding.

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Collegiate Casual


I love the collegiate style of old. The look of baseball or varsity jackets paired with button ups and a tie, some suitable chinos and pennyloafers was dope as shit to me. Except I don’t fuck with pennyloafers like that. Instead, I modernized the look a little bit for my own tastes. A light baseball jacket was the outer layer for a cool night, and I opted for a popover shirt rather than a full on button up because it’s just not something you see very often. Yeah, I fell into the jogger trend but now I’m starting to really like my pair. Top it off with some Lebron 11s that you can pretty much wear with anything (due to the camouflage-like nature of the shoes), and I was set.

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Wanted: The Jack Purcell Habitat Stripes Hoodie

Converse Jack Purcell Habitat Stripes Hoodie

When Nike announced the inaugural Jack Purcell collection, I was nonplussed to say the least. I figured there would be some Purcells with some new colors and materials. Bingo there. We all know they’re classic shoes and awesome for warm weather. But Converse really came through in spades with one item in particular: The Jack Purcell Habitat Stripes Hoodie.

Sure, it looks like a pajama shirt with a hood attached. There’s more to it though. The pinstripes are a throwback to classic Americana workwear. You know, when men were men, smoked Lucky Strikes at the age of 12 and worked 20 hour shifts at factories. Super dope. The hoodie would work well with a henley, some well worn denim and beat to shit workboots for that industrial-worker-that-cleans-up-nice feel. Now if I could only get some damn pricing information on it.


Wanted: The Nike KD 6 “Retro Boogie” Custom

nike kd 6 id 2

Ok so maybe they’re not customs so much as they are swiped from the NikeiD site. The only newest signature shoe I haven’t worn yet are the KD 6s so I hopped on to play around with different palettes and such. Not going to lie, I’m not terribly imaginative when it comes to color schemes. I prefer subtle colors with a bit of a pop here and there. Which is why I came up with these gems. Midnight navy and grey upper, with a navy and glow in the dark speckled midsole, navy air bag, and a glow in the dark sole.

nike kd 6 id 1

An ID isn’t an ID without the Retro Boogie stamp on em. I’ll have to swoop by my local Niketown and try the 6s on again because they were a little tight the last I remember. The “spray camo” option is too dope though. Not a fan of the chroma or precision options, and the navy is blue on blue which I liked a lot. You may or may not see these in a shoot soon. It all depends on if I feel like dropping $180 on a shoe.

Definitely open to design help from anyone else who has some ideas to throw around. Holler at me!


Peaches And Herb.


My boy Marc and I have known each other going on 11 years. How’d we meet? Niketalk. Naturally. Campouts, summits, and a few crazy exes later and we’re still good friends. He’s living in New York now but any time he’s in town we try to reunite like Peaches And Herb. Truth be told our styles are pretty similar. At least four times in the past decade we’ve shown up somewhere wearing the exact same shit. So a photoshoot with my Filipino brethren was a must. We ended up at my favorite all you can eat Corean BBQ spot in K-Town, and the results were fattening and delicious. More pics after the jump.

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